What My Blog Is About

8 02 2010

Hi, my name is Chris Alvarez, I’m a High school student and I just started blogging. I chose to blog about my daily life and what not, even though it may not be very exciting, it beats thinking of other things to blog about 🙂 So I hope anyone who reads my blog likes it and follows my life that would be kool. Any questions anyone may have I’ll be happy to answer if you send to my email yung_hybeast23@yahoo.com.


February 25

25 02 2010

I haven’t really been able to update my blog, but here is an update on my life, recently my mother has been acting like a bitch, but I really didn’t care until last night, I went to school like everything was all normal, then when I get out of PM class I text her saying where is she because she normally picks me up since the school is far away from where I live and she texts me back saying walk home…. So I get mad and just start walking, then my phone dies and I’m thinking of how the hell I’m going to get home, So I decided to try and catch the bus, but i realized i spent my money that day on lunch so I walk all the way to the bus and had to wait about an hour so it was around 7:45 pm now and I’m waiting in the cold, and it was kinda rainy. So then the bus finally comes and luckily there was no one else on the bus at this time, and I ask the bus driver if I can get a free ride to where I need to go since I had no money and he let me. So I take the bus get off at my stop, now its around 8:30 pm, I walk the rest of the way home, I get there at about 9 pm and my mom actually asks me, what took you so long……. I ignored her and stormed into my room and just fell asleep hungry, so next morning, which is Feb 25 I wake up late for my Morning class, she comes into my room yelling and I’m like WTF!!!! I got home really late and she expects me to get up at 5 in the morning? So she threatens to beat me which I really didn’t care about, then I told her I’m not going to my class, so she just basically says get out of my house, so i just threw on a jacket, and my backpack and left. So umm yeah thats what has been going on in  my life.

February 4, 2010

8 02 2010

Today was a pretty good and funny day for many reasons. Me and my friends learned how to make ourselves pass out for fun. Although that sounds super weird, it was pretty hilarious to see how people reacted to them almost passing out. Then later on in the day me and my girlfriend or what ever started to talk again so that looks pretty good. And yup that was basically my whole day.

February 3, 2010

8 02 2010

I wasn’t feeling to good in the morning, so I didn’t go to school just kicked it at home until like noon then my friend called and said if I was at home and yep I was so he came by and picked me up and we went to this park in Fontana, I don’t remember the name though. We played a few pick up games of basketball then after all that we just drove around and picked up some Inn & Out. It was Around 6pm and our other friends called so we picked them all up and decided to go to the mall so we just walked around the mall messing around and what not we were going to watch a movie but one of our friends was acting like a lame so we just left, I got home around like 8:30pm or so and just took a shower, worked out and went to bed.

February 2, 2010

8 02 2010

Just a pretty normal day nothing too special about it. Well sort but not really, I was talking to my girlfriend and she kind of broke up with me which was a little depressing, but I’m never depressed mad or angry so I didn’t really react I just said that I agree with what ever she wants but I’m not whipped or anything.

February 1, 2010

8 02 2010

Today was a pretty hilarious day, its super funny when me and my friends get into stupid arguments over stupid topics. Today me and my friends got in a argument about which original power ranger was the best, and then that broke off into like 10 different arguments about football players, sports, girls and so on. Other than that just a relaxing day.

January 30, 2010

8 02 2010

Today was normal again, god my life is pretty boring sometimes I just picked up some jack in the box on my way home from school then I went home played a little Xbox 360 with my friends then after that I went to go work out for a hour or so before I took a shower and went to bed. Read the rest of this entry »